Trendy Chevron Tiles - Buying Guide

2022 is in full swing and if you have ideas and/or needs surrounding interior design, it’s probably best to not put this off. Being left behind is never the ideal outcome so we hope this buying guide will hold your hand throughout the rigorous process of securing your ideal home environment. 

For those that are not familiar with chevron style tiles, they are rectangle-shaped tiles that are slightly tilted on the edge. The rows are made up of parallelograms. These parallelograms create a zigzag pattern that can work on either a floor or a wall, it’s your choice! The chevron tile pattern can be seen in the image on the right of the screen, pretty funky right?

The Hot Topic

Chevron style tiles have been an ongoing trend for many 

centuries now, offering timeless designs. The simple yet effective design structure and colour have implemented themselves into the design culture. These features allow any dull setting to have a new vibrance added to its makeup. 

If you decide to opt for the chevron tile option we recommend placing these in either a bathroom or living space such as a dining room or kitchen. Whichever has the biggest light source the better. Natural light complements the shapes and colours found in these types of tiles, maximising their functionality. 

The chevron tile pattern works exquisitely as a tiled splashback, which is usually located behind a sink/countertop setting. Due to the wipeable surface of chevron tiles, no excess dirt/markings are left leaving your room clean & tidy!

Shop ‘Till You Drop

Now that you have been informed about the usage and history of the infamous chevron tile it’s time to delve into the different buying options available this current season. 

Our most recent addition is the Insignia range of chevron tiles. The Insignia collection offers a more minimalist approach to the chevron option of tiles. 

Despite some of our Insignia range being on the darker side in terms of colourway, the glossy finish found on them still produces the bright colourful finish as promised above. Our Insignia Dark Grey Gloss (Left or Right dependent on which direction you want the tile to face).

If you want more assertive brightness for your room, we also offer brighter options in the form of Light Grey and White Chevron Tiles, both with the gloss finish also. 

We hope this guide for chevron style Tiles has helped you out in understanding what they are and how they are used within the home. 

Our new Insignia range is a must-buy at the moment so we recommend checking it out to avoid any future disappointment!

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