In our wide range of mosaic tiles there is something for everyone!

Mosaic tiles have been a timeless category of tiles for many decades now, meaning a miracle will have to happen to make these go out of style/fashion. The colours and patterns have helped keep this tile grounded and on people’s minds when it comes to interior design. 

We don’t want this to be another blog about mosaic tiles, we want this to be THE comprehensive guide for mosaic tiles. One that will remain relevant and informative for years to come. 

So if you have had any burning questions about mosaic tiles, hopefully, we can provide the answers!

Are mosaic tiles expensive?

To get straight to the point mosaic tiles are expensive, and are considered one of the most expensive types of tiles in the current market. 

There are several reasons for this, the two main reasons being linked to the designs of them and the shaping/size. If you require a large space to be filled, expect a lot of tiles!

Furthermore, the texture found on mosaic tiles is highly waterproof which adds further functionality and product life. 

However, if cost is not an important factor for you, choosing mosaic can have some great benefits for the overall finish, as seen with this Verona Shanghai wall mosaic tile. The rainbow effect really brightens up a living space within the house!

What Colour Tiles Work Best In a Bathroom?

Mosaic tiles work amazingly in a bathroom environment, creating tones and feelings that other tiles wouldn’t be able to achieve, including that of a spa-like atmosphere.

Personally, we would opt for less colourful options and go for more tonal finishes. The Verona Valstein Light Grey Porcelain Mosaic does this with a minimal but yet bold design. 

Or if you want something more colourful, we have you covered with the Verona New York Beige that is available in glass, stone and metal!


We hope you have found this guide informative and have guided you in the right direction. 

It’s evident that mosaic tiles are as trendy as ever, remaining a highly grounded tile type in the interior design world. 

For all things tiles, we highly suggest you check out our range of tiles at, you won’t be disappointed. If you like what you see, be sure to follow our socials to keep up to date with our new products and promotions!

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