Marble effect porcelain tiles made for your home

Did you know that porcelain tiles have been around since the 15th century and were first available in China? If you have not jumped on the porcelain tile trend then you’re late to the party! However, there’s plenty of room to catch up with this not so modern trend. Here at The Tile Shed, we’re here to help you with all things interior design.

What’s All The Fuss?

As we’ve already mentioned, porcelain tiles are kind of a big deal, and they are something you should seriously consider adding to your humble abode. Porcelain tiles are great additions to any home setting. 

They’re stylish, add plenty of character to a room and most importantly they are more durable than your more traditional standard tiles. This means they’re perfect for families with children on the younger side.

How To Fit Them Into Your Setup

Porcelain tiles can really bring a room to life. Take a bathroom, for example, it’s not the most exciting room in a house, however, with some careful design implementation you’ll be wanting to spend all your time in there!

Our Empress Grey Polished Porcelain tiles will do just the job. This light and vibrant colour palette will brighten up your bathroom, or even your kitchen/dining room. Furthermore, the continuous patterning found within the tile creates a vein-like illusion, bringing your room to life! 

The Eternal White Polished tile option will also be a beneficial asset to any home environment. If placed into a room, such as a kitchen with large sources of natural light then the tile will really compliment the incoming rays. We recommend having large porcelain floor tile finishes to maximise this benefit. 

devonstone patterned porcelain tiles

Add texture with patterned porcelain tiles

Patterned porcelain tiles are the easiest way to add an element of personalised style into any home as well as depth of texture and colour within the room. Try our Devonstone patterned porcelain tile range for a classic entranceway, or our Verona Glazed Confetti Porcelain for a modern splash of colour!

We hope you found this guide informative. If porcelain tiles seem up your street, then don’t lose your marbles and head over to to shop our full range today!

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