How to bring natural features into your living space with split face cladding

Stone tiles and split face cladding are much-desired home décor options. They give character, add depth and texture to internal and outdoor projects, and provide colour differentiation.

The popularity of split face wall tiles is in the elegant yet natural-looking finish they bring – whatever room or space you are decorating.

Not familiar with split face tiles? Now is your chance to find out why split face cladding demands a second look…

What are split face tiles?

Split face tiles are narrow strips of natural stone or another material (like porcelain) that are cut to different widths, thicknesses and heights. These strips of tile are then arranged to create a multi-levelled, staggered surface that is rich in texture.

Where can you use split face cladding?

Stone tiles and split face cladding are commonly used for interior or exterior wall tiles. They can be used to create striking feature walls, bring texture and depth as bathroom and kitchen tiles, or be used as a trendy feature around fireplaces, TVs or in hallways.

Various restaurants and boutique shops also vouch for the stunning aesthetic effect split face cladding provides.

Modern living with split face cladding and The Tile Shed

At The Tile Shed, we feature a beautiful selection of natural stone and porcelain split face cladding. The rough surface of these stone tiles is a striking way to add style, texture and character to any room of your choice.

Split face cladding works particularly well as kitchen tiles, feature walls in living spaces and adds instant luxury to any bathroom. They are a contemporary style statement that speaks loud and clear!

Porcelain split face cladding

Our porcelain split face cladding features multi-coloured, grey, beige and white tiles. All our porcelain split face tiles meet 1st Quality CE CN 14411 quality requirements.

Cubics Splitface 15x60cm tiles 

  • Available in beige, grey or multicolour
  • Matt finish
  • Material: porcelain
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Excellent for bathrooms or kitchens but also suitable for other living spaces.

Palissandro 3D Stone 15x61cm tiles 

  • Available in grey, white and multicolour
  • Matt finish
  • Material: porcelain
  • Perfect as wall tiles, kitchen tiles and in bathrooms.

Loft 3D Lt 15x61cm tiles

  • Available in grey
  • Matt finish
  • Material: porcelain
  • Ideal wall tiles for bathrooms and kitchens.

Natural stone tiles

Oyster Splitface 10x36cm tiles

  • Available in cream with a matt finish
  • Made of natural stone
  • Great as bathroom wall tiles and kitchen tiles.

Cloud Grey Mix Splitface 10x36cm tiles

  • Available in grey with a matt finish
  • Natural stone tile
  • Uses: wall tiles, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles


For eye-catching designs and to add an extra dimension to your interior décor, split face cladding is the perfect solution. See our range of alluring stone tiles and split face cladding for your next home project!

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