How to make a small bathroom look bigger with The Tile Shed

Over the years it has become apparent that interior design is at the forefront of a large number of homeowner’s minds. 

Google is also full to the brim of “How to…” guides, many of which are very monotonous in content and style. That’s why we’re here to help YOU out!

By the end of this blog, you will have received top industry knowledge on bathroom design, which will ultimately create the impression that your small bathroom is in fact, a big bathroom….

Au Natural

Lighting can really help with many aspects of life, whether it be taking selfies or making your bathroom look bigger!

The clue is in the name when talking about small bathrooms. Key features and aspects of the room may seem cramped due to the lack of overall space and availability there is to play about with.

However, creating more access to natural sunlight (if you’re in the UK this is a natural resource) works wonders for your small bathroom. 

Rather than looking cramped, the natural lighting allows your bathroom’s features to be highlighted and really pushes them out for the eye to see. 

If you haven’t already we recommend looking into your bathroom’s window setup, are your windows big enough for the light? Are they facing in the direction of sunlight throughout the day? Would maybe having more windows be beneficial in your space?

50 Shades of Tiles

Colours are a powerful thing. Whether it be the colour of the food you eat or the colour of your car, it’s important you get it right to maximise your enjoyment.

The same applies to bathrooms. Ensuring your bathroom is the right colour will ensure maximum visibility, that equipped with natural lighting and you’re onto a winner!

Gloss finish tiles are your best option. The gloss coating will really benefit the colour scheme you decide to go with. Remember, the lighter the better and be sure to NOT mix these colours up to enable the best outcome.

However, if glossy tiles aren’t your thing you can always opt for neutral bathroom tiles or why not try vertical tiles? As long as they’re all the same colour the effect will be there!

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

Everyone loves their reflection just a little bit, it’s human nature. 

Now you can get even more use out of a mirror. If you get a large enough mirror for your bathroom it will aid you massively. The bigger the mirror, the bigger the reflection. Which ultimately creates the illusion that your small bathroom isn’t actually that small, clever right?

Mirrors also are great for reflecting sunlight due to their surface, which again creates the impression your room is bigger than it actually is.

Hanging About

It’s great to have things on show in any room, not just your bathroom. Whether it be candles or ornaments, bringing these out for show can really give your bathroom a bit of personality. 

As great as they are, it’s a good idea to be aware that the more things you have laying about, the less space you have. Especially if you don’t have that much room to begin with!

Be sure to pick your favourite ornaments and nick-nacks to have on show, or alternatively if you cannot make your mind up, perhaps having a weekly rotation of decoration is a good idea going forward. As the famous saying goes, “less is more”...

Let there be (more) light

Natural light is great and all, but there’s always room for more. “Less is more” is sadly not applicable with bathrooms and lighting. 

Mirrors nowadays come with a whole bunch of features, look at Shrek for example with the talking mirror. In this instance, though, we're focusing on mirrors with built-in lights. 

Not only will your selfies look even sharper, but your small bathroom will also look even bigger. Natural lighting + mirror lighting = ideal bathroom. Simple maths. 

Hopefully, you found this step-by-step guide to enhancing your small bathroom informative. Be sure to check our website throughout the coming weeks for more blogs regarding bathroom products and tips & tricks for creating your ideal space.

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