Garden floor tile inspiration 


Adding interest into your outdoor space can be difficult, but there are many ways to be creative. This guide, paired with our large range of garden floor tiles, is all you need to update your outdoor styling. 


Let's talk about trending garden floor tiles. Looking to keep it contemporary? 2022 trends include keeping tiles dark, or in contrast as light as possible, this could work for paths, patios or any area of your garden. Accessorise this with contrasting furniture, so if you go for the dark tiles, include light garden furniture, to create a stark modern clash. For darker tile options, the Crossover Anthracite tiles fit this trend perfectly. With a natural pattern which holds attention and subtly adds a modern feel to your garden. Tiling the hallway up an outside wall to carry on the floor pattern would also add a lot of interest to the space, experimenting with garden wall tiles can be a fun process and can add something a little different. Our Loft white XXL outdoor porcelain slabs are a great choice for the light tile, the extra-large size demands attention but also adds a clean finish. Due to the size and colour, they have a luxurious feel and even adding a small section of the tiles to your garden will add that high, luxury impact.


Japanese inspired garden floor tiles


Room for zen in your garden? Why not incorporate some traditional Japanese garden themes into your space. Japanese gardens traditionally use a lot of sand and stone within their tiling, creating stepping stones or tiled paths that are delicate and beautifully presented. Our Onsernone Grigio tiles in a mid to light grey is perfect, that added texture would make perfect stepping stones. Equally used as garden path tiles, the colour would work well, you could even try placing the tiles sideways to give a more Japanese feel to the path. Going for a less traditional approach by adding a darker slate garden tile, such as the Valsertal Stone in Dark grey, would be really impactful against the sand and with the right styling - complete the look perfectly. Adding plants such as bamboo and bonsai trees as well as fitting art sculptures, lanterns or even a pagoda would create a place of relaxation and peace in your garden.

Use outdoor porcelain tiles as a mosaic table topper


One creative way to incorporate outdoor tiles into your garden is to restore or use your favourite outdoor table and add a tiled or mosaic top. Be as creative as you want by creating your very own tiled garden table, you could add a bunch of different tile designs and colours, or even make use out of the leftover tiles from the kitchen or bathroom! A mixture of patterned tiles and a muted tone would definitely add some life to your space, especially with a smaller garden or yard. Tiles such as our Adele Blue would be perfect for this, you could either make a mosaic style and break the tiles up into smaller pieces or tile the top of the table to make a more even-looking tabletop. For an alternative contemporary take and more muted tone, try something such as our Limestone Beige


Be creative with your outdoor space and shop our outdoor garden tiles.

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