Industrial kitchen flooring tiles to fall in love with

Everyone loves a traditional home, one that has a welcoming atmosphere where you and your family can spend valuable time. 

However, are you in the market for something different? Breaking norms is the new tradition in 2022 and we want you to do just that with an industrial makeover!

Read on to find out more about industrial style interior design, the different options available and why you should make that all-important switch.

What Is Industrial Style Decor?

This is a contemporary trend, it takes influence from the grittiness of inner-city landscapes and factories. It does all of this whilst still taking into account the features that can make a house a home. 

The colour scheme is simple to grasp. They tend to be neutral shades of grey and black. Luckily if interior design is not your forte they are easy to style!

It is important to remember that this type of design is not perfect, and that is its aim. Most factories and other industrial landscapes you see are rough around the edges. It is best practice to have this in mind when designing your space.

Which Products Would We Recommend? 

We would recommend our Rustic Mattone and also our Rustic Fumo options. The Rustic range offers those darker neutral tones perfect for any flooring. Remember less can be more. 

If you are looking for a more ‘artsy’ approach then we recommend our ‘Loft 3D’ collection 

As these tiles have a 3D effect it would look best if you were to blend this tile with another one of our tiles.  

Furthermore, the 3D effect will reflect light nicely in the upcoming summer months creating the desired 3D effect.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you make more of an informed decision. We believe that the Industrial Home trend is here to stay and will only get bigger!

The overall simplicity of these products are to die for and will no doubt become a staple of your home.

To see our full range of products then please visit our website and browse today!

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