Take a trip to Italy with our Verona tiles

Our new range of Verona Tiles has made its way to The Tile Shed HQ!

Summer is just around the corner, meaning you are just in time to update your outdoor living space. Or alternatively, you may opt to change your indoor living space with a touch of Italian class.

Read on to find out more about why the Verona tile collection is taking the world by storm…


What Are Verona Tiles?

Verona tiles are brought to you by the U.K’s leading distributor Verona Group, who have sourced quality tiles from around the world since 2001 and provided tiling solutions for a multitude of purposes and settings with their customers in mind. 

They use the finest of products that are sourced from multiple locations on a global scale. Despite having amazing quality products, their products are available to you for amazing prices! 


How Can I Style Verona Tiles?

There is one thing that Verona Tiles do not lack - and that is versatility!

Verona Tiles have multiple uses, which leave you with all the hard work. That being, deciding where to put them to upgrade your home.

Much of the Verona collection we stock are predominantly categorised as porcelain tiles. This means that these are highly durable tiles, perfect for combating the unpredictable British weather. 

Or alternatively, you may opt to have your tiles indoors, again durability is on your side. So if you have kids or furry friends running around you will not need to stress!

Implementing detailed wall designs is so on-trend at the moment. Verona wall tiles can add a lot of life to your wall through the intricate details and lifelike designs.


Which Verona Tiles Should I Go For?

Now it’s time to whittle it down to one style.

If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor living space then we have the options just for you. 

The Verona Abbey Black tile brings a lot to the table in terms of design. The earthy tones and streaky finishes work really well for the outside environment. What's more, this tile is made of porcelain making it perfect for any patio or garden! 

Or alternatively, you may be looking to change up your indoor space. 

The Verona Leto Cream tile is great for your kitchen by boasting a smooth finish, this tile looks high end despite having an affordable price point. 

The Verona Tholas Gold tile is perfect for your bathroom if that is the route you are going down. The tile is light, perfect for brightening up your room this summer!


If you are interested to find out more about Verona Tiles be sure to check out The Tile Shed right here! 

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