Understand what Black Friday is all about! 

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As we prepare to welcome the year’s busiest shopping day, let’s have a look at how Black Friday started and what is the history behind it.

Here’s a little teaser: the background for Black Friday includes turkeys, police officers and black ink!

How did Black Friday start? – The story behind the renowned shopping day

Today, Black Friday refers to the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US and it is a day known for amazing shopping deals and discounts. That being said, many retailers now extend their offers over the weekend to maximise their sales and give the Christmas shopping season a grand start.

However, long before Black Friday was given its name, retailers were taking advantage of the post-Thanksgiving shopping day by luring shoppers with hard-to-resist bargains. As most workers in the US had the day off after Turkey Day, retailers and shopping centres saw it as the prime opportunity to boost their sales.

But it wasn’t until later that this popular day of shopping became known as Black Friday.

Where did the name Black Friday come from?

Some say the name hails from an old bookkeeping practice. In those days, profits were commonly recorded in black ink and losses in red. The purpose of the post-Thanksgiving shopping deals was to cause a surge in sales and so put the retailers’ books ‘in the black’.

Yet it was more likely tired police officers who baptised the shopping craze as Black Friday.

The story takes us back to Philadelphia in the 1950s. The day after Thanksgiving was famously a busy one in Philly – eager shoppers flooded the streets in search of a bargain while the city hosted a football match and unveiled its Christmas decorations. The number of people meant the streets were ‘black’ with traffic much to the dismay of police officers controlling the traffic and keeping order.

It didn’t take long for the police to label the dreaded day as ‘Black Friday’. Overworked sales associates saw the name equally fitting, and the name stuck.

In the 1960s, the term Black Friday established its solid foundation in the press. The rest, as they say, is history.

When did Black Friday arrive in the UK?

Yes – to get your Black Friday tile deals in the UK today, you have America to thank. Due to its huge success in the US, Black Friday made the trek across the Atlantic over a decade ago. From 2014 onwards, Black Friday has been the biggest pre-Christmas online sales day in the UK.

When is Black Friday?

The most important question of course - when is Black Friday in 2021?

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Understand what Black Friday is all about!

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