Enhance your outdoor space with Japandi inspired tiles

Meet Japandi - the fusion of Scandinavian functional, streamlined, and clean design with the minimalist yet traditional Japanese aesthetic.

Japandi has been a rising star this year when it comes to interior design. Now it is time to transform your garden landscape with Japandi inspired outdoor tiles from The Tile Shed.

What is Japandi?

Japandi is an interior design style that joins notions of Japanese wabi-sabi (beauty in imperfection) and Scandinavian hygge (contentment, cosiness and well-being). It draws from Japanese and Scandinavian designs to create a fusion of style. The result is a blend of minimalism, subtlety, cosiness, elegance and functionality, resulting in clean lines, clutter-free spaces and a sense of tranquillity.

Japandi is about creating interior and exterior spaces that utilise natural materials, contrasting texture, neutral tones, and light. This popular design trend also places high value on functionality and craftsmanship.

Creating Japandi inspired outdoor spaces and garden landscapes

Japandi style doesn’t have to be limited to home interiors. You can apply the same style principles to your outdoor space, creating a garden landscape that is sustainable, timeless and infused with a soothing ambience. By using simple design elements, you can turn your garden into a garden retreat – Japandi approved.

Choosing the right type of outdoor tiles

By using outdoor porcelain tiles that reflect the Japandi style, you are a step closer to achieving your Japandi garden landscape.

As Japandi favours natural materials, earthy tones and simple, clean lines, pick your outdoor tiles with this in mind.

For replicating the patterns and colours of the natural world, choose outdoor wood-effect tiles (such as this timeless Hard Nut outdoor porcelain tile) and tiles with a natural stone effect. Go for neutral, earthy or light colours. See these beautiful stone-effect tiles for ideas: Barge BeigeStone Quartz Grigio, and Cobblestone Grigio Linear.

Split face tiles and outdoor tiles with a raised surface are also exceptional for bringing character and texture, supporting the Japandi philosophy of finding beauty in rugged imperfection. Cumberland Stone Beige wall tiles fit the description perfectly!

Think about functionality too. Outdoor porcelain tiles are durable against seasonal changes and hence great options.

When it comes to creating Japandi landscapes in your garden, create walkways using large slabs of tiles as stepping stones. Surround these tiles with gravel for a truly Japandi look.

Accessorise your garden landscape the Japandi way

Your garden furniture should also reflect Japandi style and what better way to do so than choose rattan, wooden or bamboo furniture. Functional, simplistic and low-profile garden furniture with straight or rounded lines is ideal for the Japandi style.

Flower arrangements, evergreen foliage, and bonsai trees add to the harmony of a Japandi landscape. But don’t overdo it. A few carefully chosen plants placed at focal points will be enough. Remember, simplicity is the aim.

To add character to your Japandi garden landscape, consider an eco-friendly pond, gateways and fences, or stone features.

To achieve a true garden retreat, be sure not to overwhelm the landscape. Your garden furniture placement should reflect practicality without cluttering the space available.

Peaceful outdoor spaces with The Tile Shed

For your Japandi style garden, shop our range of porcelain outdoor tiles!