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How to Choose Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles - 04/15/2015

Getting your choice of wall or floor tiles right first time is so important.  A wrong decision can prove to be extremely expensive if you have to start from scratch.  Choosing wall tiles or floor tiles is no easy task.  There are so many materials, shapes, sizes and colours to choose from it can be a little daunting.  Speaking to a tiling expert...
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Why Choose Tiles for Your Floor? - 04/15/2015

Tiles are one of the most popular choices when it comes to fitting a new floor. But why might you want to choose tiles over other options? Here are a few of the main benefits. Tiles are a very popular option when you decide to fit a new floor. However, you may not yet be convinced. Perhaps you are thinking about all of the other options and possibilities. It’s always good to consider all of the optio...
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Underfloor Heating - 03/25/2015

Who wouldn’t love to step onto a heated tile floor after getting out of a warm bath or shower? Providing radiant heat by installing electric in-floor heating mats under a tile floor is the perfect way to warm up those cold bathroom floors. Install radiant heating mats with the purpose of providing supplemental heat, removing the chill factor from the floor, or as space heat to warm the entire bathroom. They’re also great for warming floors in entryways and kitchens. With a fairly simple installation process, heated floors are a little luxury anyone can enjoy! Planning for Heated Tile Floors There are a few things you’ll need to ta...
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Kitchen Wall Tiles - 03/25/2015

Tiles have found a use in the kitchen environment as a wall covering for many years. As an option for helping to create a picturesque, bright, and above all hygienic environment they have many advantages over other systems like wallpaper or bare wall. The tiles are generally made from ceramic or porcelain material and are often finished with a glaze which adds a sheen to the surface appearance. The history of kitchen wall tiles For thousands of years tiles have been used in human culture as a device with which to cr...
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5 Ways to Update your Kitchen - 03/25/2015

These days people are much more interested in the way their homes look than they ever were, thanks in part to the enduring popularity of interior design and home renovation shows. But giving your kitchen a whole new look can be expensive if you decide to rip it out and start again. However there are lots of changes you can make that will help bring your kitchen into the 21st century without breaking the bank. ...
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Rectified Tiles - 03/25/2015

The trend in tiling now is to use rectified tile, laid very close together (1 - 2mm), edge to edge with very tiny grout lines. Rectified tile has gone through an additional step during the manufacturing process to assure each tile is exactly the same size. Their calibration is exact. A tight grout joint can be run without driving your tiler crazy. It gives your space a larger, more rich feel, as oppose...
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